Dear readers, there is a new post up on Patreon. I won’t be posting paid content at this website anymore, as explained here. Thanks again for all your support.

I’ll continue to post monthly portfolio updates, transactions, market thoughts, and other investment ideas over there. I’ve been wanting to produce more, but I’ve been tied up as my kid contacted covid. After a high fever of about 40 degrees Celsius overnight, he’s back to his usual self and recovering well at home.

If you’re interested in signing up, there are still limited slots at the old pricing. That is the permanent pricing for loyal subscribers and trailblazers. This is the first time I’m making the Patreon page public. After those are filled, the next tier is at SGD $10 a month.

It’s a pretty good deal for showing all details of my financial life. I manage well over seven figures and have passive income that covers all my monthly expenses. Have beaten the S&P 500 since I’ve started this site in 2020. I’ve tracked all my transactions and portfolio changes, through over 200 articles these last couple of years. I walk the talk and don’t hide results. If you believe in transparency and authentic content as I do, there isn’t a better place than here.

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