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Markets continue to go down and I continue to buy. It can be stomach-churning, especially when it keeps on dipping. But buying when it hurts is how you know its working. The CNN Fear and Greed index is now reading extreme fear,  indicating a good time to buy.

I met my RM recently, who was saying that most of his clients were moving to safe havens and investment-grade bonds. Most were taking risk off the table, and he added that we can take on risk when things looked better.  

My take is the total opposite of his. When risk is high, its when the biggest gains are made. Taking risk when things are good and supposedly certain (it never really is) is the worst time to do so. Remember Covid in early 2020? There was pure panic in the banking offices as clients were margin called en-masse. It was because they took on risk in good times. Most rushed for the exits, and were only thinking of safety, when they should have been thinking of opportunity. 

Most news is not purely bad or good. Look at the news in a critical way. Ask questions such as “Who benefits? How will people direct their spending instead?”. 

It’s a mistake to follow the crowd, and I want to look for that hidden opportunity.  

Bought ….

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