1. The last paragraph is so true. Keep hearing about growth in China, etc. It’s just not reliable enough for me to put in a single cent.

    1. Somehow I’ve found it too simplistic.. Big = sure make money. I think the experience of many China investors have been mixed, and many have been burned by regulators or fraud. I think it will happen on the US markets too. Based on personal experience, the Chinese like to dress up their numbers and appear rich. Quite common for them to exaggerate, bordering into fraud. Only established coys like Alibaba and Tencent can be trusted, but they face regulatory risks. Not comfortable for me either to invest.

    1. I saw the rates, wow. It will save me thousands. I set up an IB account, but got stuck at transferring positions. Won’t let me submit. No one picks up the line either. Really frustrating caused I keyed in so much info. I have my own wealth managers at CIMB who handle all these annoyances. But I pay for it I guess. I will keep trying but its not making a good first impression.

  2. Yea I think most people are layman when it comes to genomics scene.. sametime im kinda convinced by Cathie Wood and the materials ARK invest produced.

    1. Same here. Her track record since ARK’s inception is amazing. Plus they show daily transactions, have podcasts, and write open research. Quite remarkable, and puts all other managed funds which charge twice as much to shame.

  3. Hmmm, maybe it’s because it is the holiday season that is reason for the customer service fail? They are not known for the best user interface, but I believe most professional bankers favor using IB for the personal trading. I have heard IB charges a fee to transfer each ticker though recently the price has gone down. This is one recent post I read about someone transferring: https://bit.ly/3mYrTXO . Personally, to minimize the transfer cost, I may consider just enter ‘at market’ orders before the stock market open, to simulatenously sell on open in my old account and buy on open on the IB account, as theoretically both will execute at same price, and it will only cost you the trade execution fee. Not sure how much your brokers charge but for IB it is as low as US$1 for trades regardless on size on blue chip US stocks so you would potentially be saving a lot in long run. I guess the only limitation is that you would need to have enough available cash in the new IB account. Alternatively, I would consider having multiple broker accounts as I wonder how safe it is to have all my eggs in one (broker) basket.

    1. I thought about buying and selling in as well, not sure what would be the difference in fees. My positions are pretty large, and at 0.3% commission it adds up to quite a lot. I’ll read up more about it. Thanks much for the link.

      By right there shouldn’t be risk of a brokerage failing.. it’s all heavily regulated. As far as I know, it has never happened in Singapore, and there should be some way for the clients’ assets to transfer safely to another brokerage in any case. I suppose there is little harm in having multiple brokerage accounts, just troublesome to manage.

      I’m getting fairly good service from CIMB though. I can call up my relationship manager and she will handle most things. That’s one thing I like about, which I don’t think I can get from IB. But I agree that the savings in fees and margin are very attractive. I’m also not happy that my brokerage raised their spread when interest rates dropped.

      Thanks a lot for the good ideas Callie =)

  4. congrats on the day gain! fantastic returns. hopefully 2021 will continue to be green for everyone! 🙂

  5. Hello,

    I exited GME on Wed with price range of $21-$28 and made >100% for a significant 5 digits return over 3.5 months timeframe! Could have held on longer due to the short squeeze but decided to exit out fully. The + points for GME – it’s a cash cow generating positive free cash flow and if they can execute their e-commence strategy and exit the thousands of physical stores, they should be able to do well especially with Ryan Cohen on their BOD now. He was able to single handedly goes against Amazon in the pets food business and still came out on top so there must be something incredible about him. And I like the US and HK markets much more than SG market due to the volume and volatility but it goes both ways of course. Cheers to those who made money out from GME! 🙂

      1. I was about to post what QL posted. I sold mine at $19, and also made some profits. I believe Ryan Cohen will help them, but at the moment, it’s rallying a bit too much for me. I won’t get back into it now for sure. Everything is overpriced nowadays, it’s insane. I’ve gone on to another market, looking for companies with potential to grow a lot in the next decade, while continuing with monthly DCA into my index funds.

      2. You got a smart and disciplined approach… Let me know what promising companies you find? I’m always looking for the next multi-bagger.

      3. Re: Promising companies. This would need a long email, as I will also send you links for you to read and research. I went into the volatile world of OTC/Pennystocks. It’s not normally advised, but there are good companies out there. You just have to do research, and have the guts to hold for long term. It can be risky, as pump and dumpers are everywhere. You can see red days for some weeks, then green within days due to catalysts. Some of the current big companies used to be penny stocks. They had to start somewhere. 😉 I’ll get down to the email soon. Stay tuned.

  6. Not quite a bond but check out China Mobile (0941.HK). They are at lows not seen since 2006 because of politics, and so all U.S. persons were forced to sell. Their income-generating ability and dividend paid has not gone down, so the yield is now ~7%. It was ~8% last week! As a utility stock, it may share some correlation to traditional bonds (higher yields -> lower price), though at these prices the downside seems a lot more limited. This is not investment advice, please do your own due diligence!

    1. Hmm interesting.. I very leery of China stocks, but I think its worth a look! I saw the chart, its been declining for a long time though. But 7% is quite attractive. Thanks for the heads-up Callie!

  7. Ah, last night was crazy. The GME surge made my sell price of $19 seem so insignificant. Haha! My other stocks performed well too. Happy, but also wary.

    1. Same here. Palantir had a good day for me. Regret after selling is super common, and I get it all the time. I sold Tesla at about $250 pre-split. Can faint. Can’t beat yourself up over it though. Future is not possible to predict, and it could have just as easily gone down.

  8. Hi, which is why being disciplined and having a target buy/sell price is important. Once the trade is executed, move on. There are always opportunities out in the market and focus on the present and future rather than the past. 🙂

    1. I felt I would have been much better off if I never sold anything. I sold Apple and Netflix once I had 20% profits, but they went on to be much higher. So I have no price targets, and glad I don’t. Hard to find good companies to redeploy the money into as well. Since I don’t generally cash out, I feel poor haha

      1. Yup, i rarely cash out as well and usually is at least 80% invested. Yea my heart aches when I realized I let go of multi bagger too early but such is life! As long as the overall return is align with my expectation, I’m cool. 🙂

      2. Nice, wish I could live with little or no regrets. I’m still kicking myself for many decisions haha. But I made it out ok overall, and I’m sure you did too. Cheers and here’s to more profitable years

  9. My second portfolio has hit double of my initial capital last night (in 2 weeks!). I’m now thinking if I should sell off shares to get back my initial capital for something else, and let the free shares grow. Hmmm….

    1. Nice doubling your money. Hard to say what to do. Could still quadruple haha But its a happy problem haha. My own experience is that I would have been much richer if I never sold anything. Really regret selling things like Apple, Tesla, and Netflix ugh

  10. Haha. I think I will sell some shares to trim my stocks portfolio a bit, then set the cash aside for correction. It’s only profits if I sell. Heh… The euphoria is unsettling.

    1. Same feeling.. Not a good sign that everyone feels high. Then again, many people saying correction coming. Usually doesn’t happen when many people predict it. I think best to take some profits and makan with family first haha

  11. The eternal challenges in any euphoria are always
    – What to buy: degenerates’ list from r/Wallstreetbets? your own biased stocks? some new exotic shiny thing?
    – How much to buy: small bet (for a small return)? bet all in (and loose your house)?
    – When to take profit: at 10%? 100%? 1000%? Never? (easier said than done)
    – When to cut loss: at minus 10%? when it goes to zero?
    Imagine applying the above to BB, GE, TWTR in their hey days …… you’ll be back to where you started!

    1. Haha agree… if only the answers were easy. But life is very surprising. All we can do is get educated and make the best bet we can. As long as we don’t hide all our money under the mattress, we should be ok

  12. So, you have finally decided to become a degenerate 🙂 I already am one, having hit an IQ below 80!
    Jokes aside, do you have a method to select the many meme stocks mentioned there?
    The mods seem to publish their daily stats at https://wsb.gold/public/dashboard/e65fcfcb-70a4-4d86-b7fb-888057c67881
    I may just take the top 5 mentions, rebalance them weekly (under a low commission broker), and drop any stock no longer the top 5 (for a profit or for a loss).
    But this is not for the faint hearted, go with eyes wide open, because this is just another YOLO FOMO fad.
    If you lose it all, at least it’s a very small portion of your net worth.

    1. Very useful link. Thanks for that! Haven’t really decided on selection process, likely same as you and pick from the top few. I have been a degenerate in real life for a while, hope to repeat it for my portfolio haha. I’m know it’s all retarded, but retards together strong.