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Finally, a practical and complete guide to retirement in Singapore. With this book, you’ll discover everything you need to know to live a satisfying and financially secure retirement.

The Essential Guide to Retirement covers a wide range of topics, including:

  1. Adjusting to the change in lifestyle and finding a new purpose
  2. The importance of building and maintaining relationships
  3. How to handle money and investments
  4. Maximising your entitlements and benefits
  5. Overseas retirement destinations and how to live there successfully
  6. How to avoid scams and protect your savings
  7. Must-dos to be prepared and well-taken care of in old age

The Essential Guide to Retirement is an excellent gift for parents and colleagues who have worked hard their entire lives and are finally ready to take time for themselves. This book is also for anyone who wants to retire, and gives a heads-up on the journey ahead.

Retirement shouldn’t just be seen as the end of work. Rather, it is a new beginning and discovery of our authentic selves.

A retirement you deserve is within reach.

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