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This site aims to provide premier and independent advice, free from the influence of industry and vested interests.

My root reason on why I do this is that I believe most people are handicapping themselves on their path to financial independence, and are receiving bad advice. I want my readers to grow and retain wealth far beyond the average, for themselves and their families.

I write mainly about investing, insurance, and retirement. Everything I write about comes from real experience, from what I’m already doing for myself.

As I do not accept money from external sources, I charge a small fee for the costs of maintenance of the site, as well as a motivator for continuing to write. Otherwise, the site will die off. It costs me hundreds of dollars and hours to write and maintain it. I have a busy schedule, plus a family to raise. It doesn’t make sense to spend such efforts on a liability.

I have also received criticism and derision for taking a stand against the industry and its practices. For speaking from a consumer’s perspective. I don’t need any more brickbats or free-riders. My net-worth and portfolio are well into the 7 digits. More views doesn’t add to any of that or improve my quality of life.

If you are looking for free advice from another millionaire who opens up his portfolio and dealings for nothing, good luck with that. If you can’t find those, there is plenty of free mass market advice out there. Agents and trainers will also fall over their face to tell you what you want to hear. You can pay hundreds or thousands for seminars to shout “huat ah” at yourself. None of them will show that their actual source of wealth is not their investing prowess, but you.

This site isn’t the place for people who are into that sort of thing.

But if you are a discerning investor:

  • who wants to learn from someone has skin in the game and proves it;
  • who is tired of the same old advice and misinformation fed from the industry;
  • who wants balanced and real advice.

I humbly ask that you consider investing $5 in yourself. The information and tips posted here are worth far more than what you will put in. There are no expensive seminars to up-sell, or irritating banner ads everywhere. You can easily cancel anytime. No tricks.

I do not want to take a cent that I have not earned, and I will refund you, within one month of purchase, if you are dissatisfied in any way. I can do this because I regard this site more as a self-sustaining hobby, rather than a business. The 99.99% of my income comes from investing from my own portfolio.

I cannot promise to make you rich. No one honest will. You must continue to do your own due diligence, and the financial responsibility is yours.

But I can say by joining, you will gain insights few people know and practice, and get the best chance to have the retirement you deserve.

For just $5 a month, get complete access to :

  1. My million dollar portfolio and transactions
  2. Stock and bond watchlist
  3. Wealth preservation tips and tricks that the industry doesn’t want you to know
  4. Navigate the healthcare and insurance systems
  5. How to create secure and fulfilling retirement
  6. 50% discount of the Essential Guide to Retirement, retailing at $18
  7. Ask me anything. Get personalised advice on matters such as retirement, investing, and insurance

With a smaller community, I can be more candid and direct about my views. While putting a paywall will greatly reduce my number of visitors, I believe will increase both the quality of readers and articles. The membership price will gradually increase as more join.

I hope you are able to continue walking with me. Register here.